Vinyl Accessories

Spin Clean Record (LP) Washer MK II


Conclusions About the Spin Clean Record Washer

I didn't play any records before I cleaned them so I can't satisfy the typical audiophile nervosa A-B, but wow, the records looked smashing after they came out of the Spin Clean and there was gunk in the water below. Brilliant. For whatever reason, the Siouxsie records were really dirty even into the grooves. The Spin Clean melted all that away. Maybe even more significantly, I cleaned a bunch of brand new records and you know what? I looked down at the bottom of the Spin Clean and there swam a whole family off those black vinyl curly Qs the lathe had left behind. That convinced me. New or old, I think you have to have some kind of record cleaner. Start with this.

Associated Equipment:

Focal Electra 1008 Be 2, Naim Nait XS, Rega RP1, Rega Fono Mini, Oppo DV-980H, Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2, NAD C545BEE, XBOX 360, Signal and Power cables by Synergistic Research.