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Darbee Darblet DVP5000 Video Processor


Conclusions about the Darbee Darblet DVP5000 Video Processor

First, I have to say that after testing and comparing the VXP's adaptive contrast vs. the Darblet, I ultimately like the VXP enhancement more. My main complaint with it is that even at its smallest setting = 1, the effect is a bit much for me.

The Darbee definitely does what it sets out to do. It does both contrast stretching, usually the type that should have been done by the video producers to begin with, and sharpening. I ultimately did not like Full pop mode, it produced a much harsher image than I like and although it did not produce noticeable artifacts at values of 45% or less (an accomplishment in itself) it was a bit too harsh of a change for my eyes. However, I do realize that many users would like this effect and that this is a pure question of taste.

HDTV produces a much more subtle effect, one that videophiles would appreciate more, particularly at settings of 40% or lower. The effect is subtle and makes more use of contrast stretching than sharpening.

Bad content looks awful through the Darbee. It really does its job when the content it receives is good.

I also saw some differences between how different displays handle the Darbee. Some displays have an inherent contrast stretching ability of their own (e.g., the Kuro). Those showed less of an effect than did the displays that did not have this ability.

The most noticeable change was in the projector. The image was noticeably sharper and clearer. The benefit of the Darbee is really in producing a sharpness algorithm that really does its job without introducing nasty artifacts into the image.

However, I still prefer the image produced by the Lumagen processor to the Darbee.

The differences between the original image and the Darbee results can be seen quite easily here:

So, if you like your picture punchier and sharper, the Darbee is definitely an interesting solution to a problem we didn't know existed – how to get your Bluray content to excite you with its picture quality again.