HDMI Licensing President Steve Venuti Talks About—What Else?—HDMI

Steve Venuti, President of HDMI Licensing (which tests and certifies the HDMI implementation in consumer and professional products), recounts the history of HDMI, how version numbers are being abandoned in favor of speed ratings, the problems with HDMI in its early days and how things have improved since then, the importance of buying HDMI cables from a reputable maker, HDMI as it relates to HDBaseT and DisplayPort, the future of HDMI, answers to chat-room questions, and more.

Run Time: 50:31

Steve Venuti is President of HDMI Licensing, LLC, the agent responsible for licensing the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) specification. In this role, he works closely with other HDMI consortium founders to drive business strategy, promote the HDMI standard, and provide education on the benefits of HDMI technology to retailers and consumers. Steve is responsible for HDMI consortium marketing initiatives, including evangelizing HDMI technology to manufacturers, retailers, and consumers, as well as ensuring conformity with the HDMI standard.

Steve has served as President of HDMI Licensing since April 2008, and prior to that held several senior-level positions at HDMI Licensing, most recently serving as the HDMI Licensing, LLC's Vice President of Marketing. As one of the initial employees of HDMI Licensing, LLC, he was instrumental in the public launch of the HDMI standard in 2003 and was a driving force behind the early adoption of the HDMI standard into the connected home.

Steve's career has always focused on bringing technology and consumers closer together. In 1985, he founded LVL, a leading technology advertising agency, where he helped many well-known technology companies, including Acer Computer, Fujitsu, Palm Pilot, Netgear, and DirecTV, launch new products into the market. In 1994, he established LVL Interactive to bring new media capabilities to LVL's client programs. As President of LVL Interactive, he managed the development of many landmark e-commerce sites, including the launch in 1995 and Cisco Systems initial e-commerce effort. In 1997, LVL was recognized as the "Agency of the Year" by Marketing Computers Magazine and received numerous awards for the company's marketing programs for nVIDIA, Palm Pilot, Philips, Acer, and others.