Designing Better Headphones with Paul Barton

Paul Barton, founder and chief designer for PSB Speakers, talks about his and others' research into human hearing and acoustics to support the effort to establish a "target function" that adds a consistent "room feel" to the sound of headphones. The goal is to simulate the sound of speakers in an acoustically optimized room, which is important because commercial recordings are mixed and mastered using speakers, and because the sound of different headphones varies so widely today. Other topics of discussion include head tracking, binaural recording, answers to chat-room questions, and more.

Run Time: 1:03:08

As a classically trained violinist, Paul Barton founded PSB Speakers in 1972 while attending the University of Waterloo's engineering co-op program. In 1974, he became involved with the NRC (National Research Council of Canada), where he continues to do R&D for PSB Speakers.