All About Chromecast with Barb Gonzalez & Mark Henninger

L-R: Mark Henninger, Barb Gonzalez

Mark Henninger, AVS Forum Newsbreaker, and Barb Gonzalez, aka the Simple Tech Guru, discuss Google's Chromecast media streamer, including what it is and what it does, what streaming outlets are available, how it differs from other media streamers and from Google TV, the difference between using it with iOS, Android, and computers running the Chrome browser, what they would like to see added to it in the future, how well it works in terms of stream reliability and AV quality, answers to chat-room questions, and more.

Run Time: 58:21


Barb Gonzalez is a freelance writer who translates technology for the average consumer. She has written two books: "The Home Electronics Survival Guide" and "Home Theater Made Simple." Dubbed the Simple Tech Guru, her tips, step-by-step how-to's, and explanations simplify everything from iPhones to home theater and home networks.

Born in New York City, Mark spent his childhood in Africa and Europe. He returned to the United States at age 9 to attend school, and later studied both traditional photography and computer graphics. In 1997, he founded the digital-imaging firm Imagic Digital with his wife, Danya.

An accomplished technophile, Henninger adopted digital-photo technology in its infancy, and uses the latest techniques to create photos that go beyond traditional film capture. As display technologies matured, he tackled new media such as digital music and high-definition video production. Today, he lives in Philadelphia with Danya and his two pets, Kirk and Mikoto. Henninger's hobbies include cooking, writing, and just about anything computer-related.,