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The Samsung Galaxy S-III is a very high performing Smartphone that has strong 4G connectivity, an easy to use e-mail app, good browser performance, fairly good snapshot performance, but fair to poor HD movie quality.


  • Stylish Looks:
  • Build Quality:
  • Included Apps:
  • User Friendliness:
  • Snapshot Quality:
  • HD Video Quality:
  • Audio Quality:
  • Value/Price:

P.S. If you would like to have your Smartphone tested for its photographic quality, click HERE and HERE to download two test patterns. Save them to your hard drive. Open each one in your graphics software, adjust the size of the image on your computer monitor so it is all black on the left side and white on the right side. Stand back about 10 feet from your computer monitor and take a photograph with the monitor in the center of the picture with the camera tilted so that the vertical is about 15° to the right. (See example shown below.) Depending on the lighting behind your computer, one of the two test patterns should be usable for the test. For the best results, the room should have about the same lighting conditions as the brightness of your computer monitor's screen. Send the original image files to me by e-mail (jej at hometheaterhifi dot com), along with the brand and model number of your Smartphone, and when you purchased it.