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Panasonic AG-HSC-1UP 3-CCD 1080p High Definition Video Camera



The Panasonic AG-HSC1UP High Definition Video Camera is easy to use, has all the features you might want, including a very long zoom lens, but its performance is only modest. Even with three sensors, and a bit less chromatic aberration, the image quality still does not justify the $2,000 price tag. Its highest quality mode is only 13 Mbps, when other cameras that are much less expensive, will shoot at the maximum quality for AVCHD at 24 Mbps. Even with the included portable hard drive to transfer video files while you are travelling, there are better bargains out there.

Now that most new consumer high definition cameras are 1080p, resolution has maxed out. Putting better lenses on the cameras would deliver greater sharpness (MTF50), but to do so would increase the price significantly. This is one reason why the studio cameras are in the $25,000 and up range. The lens is about $10,000 of that price. The current crop of consumer cameras actually do have very good sensitivity in low light, but there is always room for improved noise control, so perhaps that is where we will see product development occur.