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Panasonic AG-HSC-1UP 3-CCD 1080p High Definition Video Camera


In Use

My wife is an avid gardener, and she has so many flowering plants, there is always something in bloom, regardless of the time of year. I took all these screenshots from videos shot at the highest quality (13 Mbps), they are unaltered except for sizing to fit on these pages.

Let's start with this red and yellow tulip. Red and yellow are the toughest colors for digital cameras, and the colors here have just the right amount of saturation.



These yellow Violas have a more subtle yellow, and the delicate shading is rendered beautifully.



In the reddish vein are these pink Lewisas.



Blue has always been a piece of cake for digital cameras, and these blue Primroses come in loud and clear. The green foliage is perfect too.



An exhibition of Egyptian Pharoh artifacts was on exhibit at the de Young museum in San Francisco during my tests, and I took the Pansonic camera with me. The guides said no photos inside the exhibit, but there was one chair outside near the door where I could take pictures. Below, photo 1 is with Auto White Balance active. The color is too blue. I used PhotoImpact (similar to Photo Shop) to adjust the color to what it actually looked like, and it was pretty simple to do so. The results are shown in the second photo below. Photo 3 was taken in Manual mode, set to Tungsten illumination. The results looked accurate as to what I saw at the museum in terms of the color. You can also perform color adjustments in video editing software, but it increases the rendering time significantly (burning the video to DVD), and depending on the video editing software, you may not be able to fine tune the color balance as I did here with these screenshots in PhotoImpact, which is designed to work with single photos, not video material.





With a hot chocolate from Starbucks in one hand, and the camera in the other, I took my standard grocery store vegetable rack video. The screenshot is about as close to the real thing in terms of lighting and color balance as I have ever seen in our tests.