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Canon HG10 Hard Disc Drive High Definition Video Camera



In Use

It was during the Easter holidays that I took this shot, of some eggs in a basket. The basket was near a window. The pastel colors are excellent. (As always, you can click on the photos to see larger versions. The pictures are unaltered except for size to fit on these pages.)

Here is an beaded fruit basket (I don't know where my wife gets this stuff, but it sure makes good test material). Again, it was lit from a side window. All the colors look very natural.

All those eggs and fruit made me hungry, so I had my dinner, and thought, "Hey, here is another nice colorful photographic subject." Tamale pie with green salad and garlic bread to be exact. Everything looks just like it did when I ate it. Lighting was from glass doors. No unusual color shift here. Auto White Balance worked fine.

I keep using this succulent in my camera reviews, and it has grown and become quite beautiful. The subtle shades of red and green are rendered with great accuracy using the HG10.

Canon has a pretty good grip on red problems, which often tend to end up way too saturated. It looks pretty good here.

Yellow is often a big problem too, but not with this camera.

Good old blue never seems to be an issue with digital cameras.

And here is the grocery store vegetable rack. The yellow peppers and mushroom have a few white blowout spots, but other than that, it is fine. However, by this time, I was getting the feeling that the image was not as sharp as some previous Canon cameras that I have tested. If you look at the 2/$5.00 sign at the right side, and compare that with the photos in previous reviews, you will see what I mean. Auto White Balance was excellent.

I took the camera over to Carmel, California for some weekend relaxation and shot some fun pictures. Here is a flower garden in a shopping court. I had a hot chocolate in one hand and the camera in the other while I waited for my wife to finish some shopping. It took a few seconds for the wind to die down, and then I took the shot. The camera recognized the foreground object and focused there, which is what I wanted to test.

Next to the flower garden was a large earthen pot that had these reddish brown ferns. I wanted to see if I could hold the camera steady enough to ge them without any jaggies along the diagonal edges. It worked.

In one of the many shops, I saw this prism. It proved to be an excellent photographic test subject.

Here is the biggest array of hand made belts I have ever seen, in more colors than I thought possible.

The night time spotlight test showed that the sensor produces diagonal flare lines. Not all sensors produce the same type or amount of flare.

The iris test, shown below, indicated the lens stop down time was about the same as other cameras in this price range. Click on the photo to download a *.wmv video that demonstrates the results.






The battery life left something to be desired, as the hard drive does use a lot of power, but if you get accustomed to using the Quick Start feature, which lets you keep the camera in Standby until you need to actually start recording, the problem can be kept under control. I would suggest, however, that you get an extra battery and keep it on hand during the day's shooting.