Introduction to the Primer

Now, well more than a decade later, most of our readers understand the basic differences between the various components that make up an audio or home theater system. So, it is time to deliver this content in greater detail.

In order to do that, we have converted the original descriptions of components into an encyclopedia of words, terms, and concepts. This will be an evolving library of information that includes our own definitions, but will eventually include definitions by you, the reader. You will be able not only to add your own information to the existing words in the encyclopedia, but also add new words that are not there now. All you have to do is log in (you have to register first though), add your comments to an existing definition, or submit a new word, term, or concept, along with its definition. The senior staff will read it and approve it for publication if appropriate.

The words, terms, and concepts explained in the Secrets Encyclopedia are cross-linked to other words in the encyclopedia and also to appropriate technical articles that we have published and will be publishing.

If you have a word or term that you do not understand and would like it explained in the encyclopedia, please contact one of the staff.