Professional Display Calibration: What It Is and What It Means to Your Home Theater Experience

For the past three years or so, we have seen a tremendous surge in display technology.  During this time, the last rites for the venerable CRT have been read, 50" displays have become the new 32", and 1080p has become the de facto standard for resolution.  One thing hasn't changed however and that is the need for precise calibration of your HDTV.  Despite tremendous advances in consumer displays, the specifications for color, grayscale, and gamma have not changed since the 1950s.  With all these new features available, it has become more confusing than ever for the typical home theater enthusiast to achieve a correct calibration and realize the best performance from your flat panel or projector HDTV.

A New Way to Plot Speaker Impedance: the Smith Chart

Impedance is the extension of the idea of electrical resistance to AC signals (like music). In high school, we all likely learned Ohm's law at some time or another. Whether we remember it or not is another story! Luckily, the refresher course is easy. Resistance is a way of relating voltage and current in a simple DC circuit.


A tube is much like a light bulb, as it is constructed of glass, and contains...


The THX logo may be seen on surround processors, amplifiers, and speakers...


The first time I can remember noticing that video tape recorders even existed was. . .