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CalMAN Calibration Bootcamp: A Crash Course in the Science of Calibration



In May, 2010, Senior Editor Chris Heinonen and I published an article here at Secrets looking at some of the popular consumer targeted video calibration software options. We tried the free HCFR program as well as the incredibly popular CalMAN platform marketed by SpectraCal, and a new entry, ChromaPure. After this review was published, the folks at CalMAN publisher SpectraCal asked if we'd be interested in trying their new version 4 software, a major revision from the version that we had tested but was still in Beta testing at the time of our review. What's more, SpectraCal had begun traveling around the country doing one-day "Calibration Bootcamps" as a means to introduce installers and enthusiasts to calibration and this new software: would we be interested in attending? Given that one was not 3 miles from my house, I jumped at the opportunity.

The Calibration Bootcamp was conceived as a one-day seminar format vs. the multi-day ISF or THX certification seminars. The intent is to introduce both A/V professionals and enthusiasts to the basics of calibration and how Calman v4 worked. It is not intended as a replacement for the more thorough certification seminars, but rather as an introduction to color science and the state of the art in equipment and software.

CalMAN software is available at SpectraCal's website.