AURALiC ALTAIR Wireless Streaming DAC Review

The AURALiC ALTAIR is a beautiful-looking digital audio product that combines a high-end DAC with wireless streaming solution. To achieve the highest quality of digital sound reproduction, ALTAIR is equipped with the Femto Master Clock, full linear power supply, and four built-in filter modes for sound customization.

AURALiC Introduce ARIES Version 4.0 Firmware

AURALiC Introduce ARIES Version 4.0 Firmware

AURALiC LIMITED release Version 4.0 of Lightning device firmware for ARIES, ARIES LE and ARIES MINI. The new firmware, which utilises AURALiC’s latest Lightning Playback Engine V2, introduces several new features and a major improvement in sound quality.


The AURALiC VEGA DAC is a stylish package that is one of the best sounding and performing units available today. At $3,499, it sits in the lower end of the price range for top notch DACs, but in the upper echelons of sonic output.