Gefen HDMI Detective Plus


In Use

In manual mode, DIP switches one through three are used to select from one of five pre-programmed EDIDs. The combination of the on/off position of each DIP switch determines which pre-programmed mode gets selected. Once the DIP switches are in their respective positions, the Detective can be programmed in the same way as the automatic mode.

Gefen HDMI Detective Plus

Gefen HDMI Detective Plus

DIP switch four controls the pass-through of HDCP. This DIP switch needs to be enabled, regardless of the programming mode, to enable HDCP pass-through.

The Detective comes with a locking HDMI cable. The locking mechanism adds to the height of the cable, which may make it unsuitable for some installs. In my case, the HDMI inputs on my display are tightly spaced and they are stacked vertically. With the supplied cable, adjacent inputs were not useable. I, therefore, resorted to a conventional non-locking HDMI cable in my install.

When I first powered on the unit, the green LED was on, which according to the manual indicates that the unit was already programmed. Since I was uncertain of the pre-programmed settings, I went ahead with the programming sequence to record my display’s EDID into the Detective’s internal memory.

Once programmed, the Detective worked without a hiccup in my system. The act of switching inputs or powering off the display no longer resulted in a resolution switch!