Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Hsu Research ULS-15 Subwoofer and HB-1/HC-1 MK2 Speakers



The ULS-15 is the latest in a long line of excellent subwoofers from Hsu Research. It produces low frequency output, with superb transient response. I’d particularly recommend it for anyone using a sub in a critical music listening environment, and would not hesitate to put one into my home recording rig. If I were purchasing the ULS-15 for my own home theater system, I would get the DualDrive. For $2,199, you get two ULS-15’s, which dramatically increases total output, and provides better control of room modes.

Now, about those main speakers. Every once in a while, I come across a product that performs at a level so far above its price point it is shocking. The HB-1 and HC-1 MK 2 speakers fall into that category. Simply put, I was amazed that a $150 bookshelf speaker and $239 center channel speaker could sound that good. Highly recommended!