Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Revel Concerta 5.1 Speaker System



The Concerta 5.1 speaker system has a lot going for it. The price is reasonable for the quality of build and stellar sonics. These speakers sounded great together, whether playing music (multi channel or stereo) or movies. The dynamic range and clarity were excellent. However, there are a few things that I think could be improved upon. I have already mentioned the toggle switch location on the S12s. That doesn’t really affect the sound, though. The F12s have great dynamic range and are wonderfully neutral, but the sound stage seemed more confined to between the two speakers. No amount of toe-in or out really helped extend the sound field further out to the sides. Perhaps I’m spoiled by my recent dalliance with KEF speakers and their holographic abilities that I am being a bit picky. This is not to say that the F12s do not perform well, it is just that the sound stage was a bit more “focused” then I am used to hearing. A deep and solid soundstage, but not overly broad. The overall neutral sonic signature and detailed mid range really make up for any of these minor issues. Revel has created a speaker system that has many of the wonderful qualities that their flagship speakers are known for, but at a price that most of the rest of us can afford. I plan on keeping the F12s, C12 and S12s.That is, perhaps, the highest approval I can give!