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Polk RTiA 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System


Conclusions About the Polk RTiA 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System

While I didn't feel that the DWSPRO660wi subwoofer was on par with the rest of the system, I was immensely impressed with the RTi A9 towers, CSi A6 center-channel, and RTi A3 surrounds. The slightly warm tone, overall clarity, and smoothness of the RTi system did justice to well-recorded sources and could even take the edge off of harsher-sounding music and movie sources without sacrificing too much life or detail. When you factor in the RTi system's ability to effortlessly deliver high-volume playback (with appropriate amp power), seamless blending of sound from speaker to speaker, excellent construction quality, beautiful real-wood veneers, and extremely reasonable price, you are left with a flat-out bargain of a full-range system. If you have a large room, appropriate amplifier power, and prefer naturally smooth sound the Polk RTi line could be just the ticket to music and movie nirvana. Highly recommended.