Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Klipsch Icon W 5.1 Speaker System



I was really impressed by this Klipsch Icon W surround system. The satellites had a certain degree of air and transparency in their sound that was thoroughly seductive. I especially liked the system's overall dynamic capabilities. The sub is capable of producing substantial output to the low 20 Hz range. The sub is equipped with a unique and clever control interface. The whole system integrated nicely and produced a nice surround sound field.

The satellite and center speakers are compact and elegant with a super nice real wood veneer. The quality of the finish is reminiscent of fine furniture. The grilles are magnetic and there are no visible fasteners on the front baffle.

I think Klipsch really hit their mark when they designed this speaker line to blend with modern systems and lifestyles. These speakers should be on your short list if you are in the market for a quality, affordable and compact surround system.