Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Klipsch Reference II 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System


On The Bench

All the below measurements are in-room response. The frequency response tests were performed at 1-meter and the distortion measurements were on-axis near field measurements.

The on-axis frequency response is very smooth above 300 Hz. The response below 300 Hz was not as flat. The Anthem receiver's room correction identified and corrected this unevenness.

The off-axis response has a little more unevenness in the range below 300 Hz and the treble starts to roll off quicker than the on-axis plot.

The 1 kHz tone was produced by the mid/bass drivers.

This 5 kHz tone was produced by the horn tweeter. You can see how horns have characteristically low distortion.

At 10 kHz and 100 dB, the RF 82 II's horns had less than 0.8% THD+N.

At 0.09%, this was the lowest THD+N measurement I got from the RF 82 II's. It was the upper cone driver.

I ran the RF 82 II's at 80 Hz to show that it is clean down to the typical HT crossover.

This is the in-room plot at 1m on-axis. The sub was in the corner and the room correction was turned off. The sub has strong response to 30 Hz. The included ARC system was able to easily flatten this curve.

At 60 Hz and 100 dB, the THD+N was 0.95%.

This is still very low distortion for a small sub.

The distortion was actually lower at 30 Hz. The distortion rose substantially as I dropped the signal below 30 Hz.