Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Kef IQ Series Speakers and HTBSE-W Wireless Subwoofer



But enough about subs. The iQ Series consists of three different floor-standers, the iQ 50, 70 and iQ 90. The iQ 90 reviewed here is a three-way bass reflex design, with the Uni-Q .75" aluminum dome tweeter located in the center of a 6.5" mid-range driver, below which are two 6.5" low frequency drivers rated down to 33 Hz. There are two front-loaded ports, both of which can be plugged with foam bungs. The bookshelf-sized iQ 30 speakers, used here as surround speakers, contain the Uni-Q driver and a single port.

The curved wedge-shaped iQ 60C center channel speaker is a three-way vented design, containing a slightly smaller (5.25") Uni-Q driver, flanked by two 5.25" low frequency drivers. The iQ 60 has a single, small rear-firing port. All the speakers in the iQ Series have a teardrop shape, which is both visually appealing and helps reduce internal standing waves within the cabinet. Moreover, the iQ Series speakers contain two sets of heavy-duty binding posts for bi-wiring, and have removable grilles. Overall, the iQ Series look like much more expensive speakers than the $2,650 combined list price for five speakers.