Surround Sound Speaker Systems

JBL LS 80 Floor-Standing Speakers, LS Center, LS 40 Rear Surround Speakers, and LS 120P Subwoofer



I found this review curiously difficult to write. That's because the JBL LS 80 speaker system was extremely neutral-sounding. It is more challenging to come up with descriptive language when speakers just fade into the background and give back what they are getting. But that's what the JBL LS 80 speaker system excelled at . . . neutral, transparent reproduction. It also didn't hurt that they could play at high levels with almost no apparent compression. Plus, they are really gorgeous. Everybody who came by and saw them immediately commented on the luxurious finish and solid build construction of the LS 80s. If these speakers fit within your budget and you have the space, then I would certainly check them out before making a buying decision. They may very well beat out some of the higher-priced competition on your list.