Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Energy Veritas V-6.3 Speakers (5.1 System)


Conclusions About the Energy Veritas V-6.3 speakers

I'd like to offer my concluding thoughts on the Energy Veritas V-06.3 system through a sort of audio report card:

"Course" "Grade"
Midrange A
Bass B
Treble C+
Transients/Dynamics A+
Imaging A+
Pacing A
Surround Effects B
Realism C+
Build Quality A
Value C+

I am giving the Energy Veritas V-6.3 5.1 System an overall passing grade even though their voicing did not meet with my personal tastes when it came to music. I could happily live with this system in a cinema only setting. So if you are building a movie system or if you prefer a forward treble presentation or if you have a warm sounding room, then give these a try. Their clean, immediate and open sound may be just what you want.