Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Energy Veritas V-6.3 Speakers (5.1 System)


The Energy Veritas V-6.3 Speakers On the Bench

All the below measurements are in-room response. The frequency response tests were performed at 1-meter and the distortion measurements were on-axis near field measurements.

The on-axis frequency response is very smooth between 300 Hz up to the mid-tweeter crossover point at 2.5 kHz. Above this point, you can see the rise in response. Energy may consider a switch or LPad that the user could use to attenuate the tweeter. The bass began to roll off at around 36 Hz.

The off-axis response has a little more unevenness throughout, but with solid high frequency extension.

The 1 kHz tone produced only 1.2% THD+N at 95 dB.

This 5 kHz tone was produced by the tweeter and I measured just 1.3% THD+N at 95 dB.

At 10 kHz and 90 dB, the V-6.3's tweeter had 1.5% THD+N.

At 40 Hz and 90 dB, the THD+N measurement was 5.6%.

At 60 Hz and 95 db, the THD+N was only 2.3%.

As usual, the 500 Hz test yielded the lowest THD+N reading with only 1.1% distortion at 95 db.

This is the in-room plot at 1m on-axis. The sub was in the corner. The sub had strong response to around 30 Hz.

At 80 Hz and 95 dB, the THD+N was 1.6%.

At 40 Hz and 95 dB, the THD+N was 2.7%.

The distortion rose to 6.2% when reproducing a 28 Hz sine wave at 90 dB.