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Dynaudio Excite Home Theater Speakers



Shortcomings? Yeah, there’s a few. As advertised, the Excite Series is designed to be very amplifier friendly. In my mind, this would generally mean a flat impedance curve for all speakers to avoid those nasty amplifier-eating dips. More importantly, however, I would have expected higher than normal efficiency levels. I have to say that neither of these general requirements has really been met. The nominal impedance reported by the manufacturer for all speakers is 4 ohms and the sensitivities range from 86-87 dB. While a few online reports (including that from Mick Tillman (Dynlunatic from Dynaudio) suggest significantly higher average impedance values of around 6 ohms, the bottom line is that these speakers will certainly respond favorably to a better than average amplifier or receiver. While the sub can definitely take a lot of pressure off of your amplification requirements, these speakers also have an upper volume limit that’s a bit lower than my own. I gather that Dynaudio caters to a more refined crowd than me, as I occasionally need to regress to my concert going days, where few of us could hear if the car was running when we left. In this regard, the maximum SPL levels of the Excites are likely to shortchange the acoustically insane. Nevertheless, I doubt that many people would couple a $7K speaker package with a $299 Costco receiver, but be forewarned that these speakers will greatly appreciate (and probably require) better than average amplification. You’ll have to advance upward on the Dynaudio range if higher SPLs are required, and I would love to do exactly that. The most disappointing part of this experience was that I haven’t quite figured out how to obtain these yet, never mind their bigger brothers. No one in my family wanted these to leave the house.

So who are they for? Well, I think Dynaudio just about got it right. You can match these with a high quality receiver and be completely happy almost forever. For 95% of my listening needs, and 100% of my family’s, they are impeccable. They are also very easy on the eyes and the diminutive X12s tuck away comfortably anywhere. Their small size certainly belies their thoroughbred audio lineage. As a 5.1 package, you will find that you don’t even notice your Dynaudios as you get absorbed into a movie or musical experience. The Excites do exactly what they are supposed to do. If you’re past the stage of trying to make yourself or your friends deaf, it would be hard to surpass their quality. The notoriety of Dynaudio for uncolored, unadulterated sound is fully apparent in the Excite line. Even as an entry level package, one gets sonic purity and superb build quality. They are refined and immersive, and draw you in completely. For everyday listening, I found them to be nearly flawless and dead accurate. I don’t think you can tire of Dynaudio….ever. They are only fatiguing because you may stay up all night listening to music or watching movies.