Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Axiom Epic 80-800 Speaker System: M80v3 Tower, VP180 Center, QS8v3 Surround, and EP800v3 Subwoofer



If you're reticent to buy speakers over the Internet, check out Axiom's online forum. There you can find someone in your area who will give you an audition. There are a surprising number of willing participants in this program. When I bought my first Axioms, I found someone 20 minutes from me that had the exact system I was considering installed in a dedicated room. Don't be fooled by their low prices and direct-only sales. These speakers are serious. They have 30 years of development behind them and they compete easily with some very famous and more expensive brands.

Looking over Axiom's excellent website, you'll see an emphasis on home theater. Given their aggressive pricing and perfectly-matched components, that's no surprise. If you have the room, the budget and the electronics, go for the flagship models, you won't regret it. When I bought my first set of Axioms, I didn't quite have the bread for the M80s and the VP180 didn't exist. Now that I've heard this system, I can't imagine going back. You guessed it – I bought the review units. I didn't expect such a major difference but six weeks of listening told me otherwise. Axiom has a real winner in the Epic 80-800. The improvements they've made in sound and build quality just in the last couple of years are significant. They had already turned out some impressive speakers. Now they've upped the ante. These should be on everyone's short list – they are on top of mine.