Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Atlantic Technology 4400 Speaker System



The Atlantic Technology 4400 system is moderately priced at $3500 for a full 5.1 setup. Not bad for a THX speaker system, although I'm not sure if anybody really cares about THX certification anymore (remember the THX certified DVD for Star Wars The Phantom Menace??). However, the speaker market is so competitive these days that a buyer has a lot to choose from with a $3500 budget. Other companies offer nicer looking wood finishes, or full range floorstanding speakers for the same price, but at the cost of what? Clarity at high volumes? A seamless soundstage?

Give the 4400 system a look if you need a wall mounted installation, or you want a great soundstage with tons of depth and atmosphere, a coherent 360 degree soundfield, and clarity even at high volumes.