Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Atlantic Technology 4400 Speaker System



I first set up the 4400 system in my dedicated home theater system. I placed the fronts on 24" high stands about 10' from my listening spot, center on a 13" angled stand, and the rears on 28" stands directly to the sides of the couch. The rears were set to Dipole and mains and center did not have any boundary compensation turned on. All speakers were driven by Parasound Halo A-23 amps. The subwoofer was set to bypass with my Marantz SR7001 crossover setting at 80Hz and the front-located gain (volume) level set a little below halfway. Initially I tried the sub in the right front corner, but got very weak performance unless sitting near the wall. So I tried moving in between the front speakers and, literally, boom, I had bass. After a few weeks of listening on my nicer gear, I thought I would try the system out in the family room, in a more likely scenario. Hooked up to an Onkyo 606 receiver with a PS3 as the source, this seemed to be closer to the "target audience" in my mind. Overall setup/placement was very similar to the Home Theater room.