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Aperion Verus Forte Home Theater Speaker System


Conclusions about the Aperion Forte Home Theater System

The Aperion Verus Forte system impressed me a lot. It delivered good all-around performance with cinema and music. The speakers had an articulate quality that communicated a lot of information from my high resolution sources. And the slim tower design, combined with the coincident array in the center produced a wide and uniform soundfield. The level of performance and the overall aesthetic available in the Aperion Forte system is so much more than its price would suggest. I recommend this nifty little system for someone with a small to medium size room who wants to maximize their purchasing power.

Don't forget that Aperion offers free shipping and a no risk guarantee on all orders. This means you can try the Fortes at home in your own system before making a final decision. If you decide to hang on to the speakers, then you can rest assured that Aperion backs these speakers with a 10-year warranty. There's not much downside in all that.