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"Imagine" (NAD Blu-ray Player and Receiver, PSB Speakers)



Welcome to the inaugural Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity system review! We are planning to publish a series of similar reviews to highlight system packages in the Low (up to $2,500 MSRP), Medium ($2,501 - $5,000 MSRP) and High (over $5,000 MSRP) price categories. The systems will all include a source component, receiver (or prepro and amp), speakers and sub (optional). We will also evaluate products in the burgeoning soundbar category. We will strive to select balanced systems that will offer the best value in their respective price ranges. These reviews will be focused on helping readers select turnkey systems for new installations or upgrades.

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Imagine System Review

System Description

The system under review here is composed of a Blu-ray player, an A/V receiver, five satellite speakers and a subwoofer. The electronics come courtesy of NAD and the speakers are PSB. Both of these product lines are marketed and distributed under the banner of the Canadian-based Lenbrook Group. These products are not commonly discounted, so the projected system price comes in at a shade under $6,550. This places the system just over the threshold we've established for "High Priced" systems which we have defined as systems with a street price over $5,000.

The system includes small bookshelf speakers on all four corners, an MTM center speaker, a 12" powered sub, a Profile 2.0 Blu-ray player and a modestly powered surround sound receiver. The receiver can decode all the latest surround formats. The speakers and subwoofer are eminently competent. All the components feature classy styling and solid build quality.

Price Range: High (over $5,000 MSRP)

  • System MSRP: $6,546.97
  • System Street Price: ~ $6,546.97

System Rating:

System Rating
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