Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Paradigm Reference Signature S8v2, C5v2, ADP3v2 Speakers and Signature Servo Subwoofer


The Design

In the v2s, the differences are that the tweeter is now made from beryllium instead of titanium. Beryllium is a very light metal, but it is brittle and hard to work with. It is also toxic. So, beryllium tweeters have been a long time in arriving, but they are finally here. The result is lower distortion because the tweeter dome is so light weight, yet very strong.

Secondly, the midrange cone material is now cobalt-infused aluminum. Basically, this means it is an alloy. This makes the cone stiffer so that it does not flex during movement when reproducing the music.
















Other than these two things, the Signatures are the same as before. They come in a variety of finishes, and the review samples were Piano Black. My wife was taken with them immediately as being very beautiful.

THe ADP3v2s are dipole surround speakers that are meant to be hung on the wall, using the mounting hardware that comes with the speakers, but you can also just place them on a shelf or the optional J-29 speaker stands.

Speaker binding posts are set up for bi-wiring or bi-amping and are solidly constructed.

























The Servo subwoofer uses a 15" driver with a servo device mounted on the cone, and is driven by a 1,500 watt switching (Class D) power amplifier. The amplifier has Auto On/Off, Trigger, XLR as wells as RCA input, Phase Alignment, Low-Pass (35 Hz - 150 Hz), Bass Contour (up to + 6 dB at 60 Hz), and the Volume Control. The AC socket is non-grounded.