Surround Sound Speaker Systems

MK Sound M-5 5.1 Speaker System



While not quite in the “budget” class that many other small satellite + subwoofer systems fall into, MK Sound’s M-5 system is undoubtedly top-notch for such a small package. These speakers can easily disappear into your living room if you so desire, yet sonically they can hang with many much larger speakers. Given their incredible imaging and accuracy, they easily surpass many larger speakers out there. Their fine wood construction is almost unheard of anymore in this price range, and especially in this size. It seems like everyone is constructing their small satellite speakers out of some sort of composite these days, which is apparent in the look and sound of those lesser speakers.

The M-5 and M-4T from MK Sound are not the tiniest satellite surround speaker system you’ll find, but they are definitely small enough to fit into almost any “lifestyle” room design. Their size and beautiful finish will satisfy any aesthetic requirements you may have, while their sound will definitely satisfy your ears. I can not finish this review without one more shout out to the SB-8 subwoofer. This sub is tiny, I mean really small. Yet, the performance MK has squeezed out of that tiny box will absolutely amaze and astound you and your friends.