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AV123 ELT 525 Surround Sound Speaker System


In Use

AV123 ELT 525 Surround Sound Speaker System

I listened to mixed blues, jazz and classical music through the system. The towers turned in an impressive performance on the Diana Krall SACD – The Look of Love. I noted very good detail with crisp, clean highs. The peripheral snare drum vibrations came through very clearly though I would characterize the sound as leaning toward the dry, papery-sounding side but not so far as to be brittle. Where the AV123 system really shone was with single brass instruments, acoustic guitar and piano. The Curious George soundtrack sounded fantastic as almost all of the songs are acoustic numbers of only Jack Johnson and his guitar.

Most of my movie watching was done on a PS3 with Blu-ray and its high definition audio formats. I noticed an obvious increase in the three dimensionality of songs performed in DTS-MA vs. their CD counterparts. The ability of the AV123 to extract large amounts of detail from these higher definition audio formats will make them an attractive option for those recently purchasing a Blu-ray player.

Watching brief clips of an array of movies including; The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Harry Potter and the Star Wars saga revealed that while the surround system was excellent at conveying a very dynamic, coherent soundfield, it did have trouble separating voices and ambient effects from the musical score in especially complex passages in some of the movies.

Compared to my own speakers the AV123’s are more rigid and forward sounding, slightly crisper with better bass definition though less bass depth and volume. Complex orchestral pieces sometimes gave the system problems, though I don’t think it would be noticed in anything but a side by side comparison with a speaker that excelled in these areas. These speakers are very good at reproducing the human voice, both male and female, and this makes them a strong choice for movies and music.