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Aperion Audio Intimus 6T-DB Hybrid XD 5.1 Speaker System



One issue that came up during the review is that while the Bravus sub includes a parametric EQ, I was unable to get it to function for me correctly. Measuring the output from the sub I had nearly flat response from 18 Hz to 80 Hz, except for a very large spike at 50 Hz of around 8 dB. Using the subs EQ I set it to 50 Hz and the response to be -6 db, but that only resulted in lowering the spike by 1 db. Perhaps the sub had too much interaction with the room at that frequency and would need more advanced corrective measures (such as room treatments) to fix it, but I really had hoped the EQ would be able to help with this issue. Even if I adjusted the width of the EQ band, I still could only lower the hump by 1-2 db. The EQ did help to correct for some of the issues, but wasn’t able to overcome the larger issue of the room it seemed.

While the sub did have nearly flat in-room response all the way down to 18 Hz, I never got the powerful bass notes that I could feel in my chest while watching a movie that I’ve felt with 15” subs. However, the sub blended in so seamlessly with the rest of the speakers that I would almost forget it’s there as it did its job, only enhancing the quality of the music and never attracting attention to itself.

Aperion Audio Intimus 6T-DB Hybrid XD

After living with the Aperion speakers for a few weeks, I am going to be sad to see them leave my listening room. What amazed me the most after a couple of months with the Aperions is how I could just watch a movie and the speakers would never draw attention to themselves, but instead just offer up a seamless soundstage that always enhanced what I was doing and never distracted.

Offering higher quality sound than other speakers I have heard for the same price, and a build quality that is superior to anything I have seen among their competitors, this is a speaker setup I would have no hesitation recommending to someone that was looking for either a full surround system, or a pair of stereo speakers. With Aperions wonderful 30 day trial you would have no risk to give them a try as well.