Surge Protector/UPS

Innovolt HEM-X1000 High Capacity Power Protection (Surge Protector)



I won’t pretend to know everything I’ve written about the HEM-X1000 in great detail, but I’m glad there are passionate people who do, some are at Innovolt. They are working on real world issues such as “Smart” features like IP addressability.

And finally what’s critical to Innovolt is that they make no claim about detectible audio improvements other than maintaining the equipment’s lasting peek performing circuitry. I have never been impressed with line filters and power cleanup units from an audio improvement standpoint because I simply have never heard a difference. But, I am most concerned about protection and shut downs - all those things that wear out transistors and circuits - and to know they are protected by the best available.

As I look around my room, I have tens of thousands of dollars invested in equipment that means a whole lot to me. I want the best protection I can afford.