Surge Protector/UPS

Innovolt HEM-X1000 High Capacity Power Protection (Surge Protector)



The HEM-X1000 provides 15 amperes of continuous current. It offers 11 power outlets, (with one on the front) but more so also with; an RJ11 circuit protection for telephone system, an RJ45 for your network and 5 coaxial for cable and or satellite service.

It is about 3.75” high, 19” or 17” wide and 15” deep for either rack mounting or table top applications and surprisingly very lightweight at only 13 pounds or so. Removing the cover makes it clear there isn’t much weighing this unit down.

Overall, the look and feel of the design is industrial, which is intentional. It just looks like it came off a lab shelf. The metal panels are thin and the overall finish is above average.

The rear is as I described with connections however the front boasts two LCD displays that continuously read out information or disturbance history. I found myself having a look at it each day while it scrolls through each and giving a total. When I discussed with Walter Crowder, the VP of Sales, how intense the blue light was emanating from the front, he chuckled and said new versions will include a dimmable or on/off switch.