Surge Protector/UPS

Innovolt HEM-X1000 High Capacity Power Protection (Surge Protector)



While attending CEDIA 2009 in Atlanta I was introduced to Innovolt Inc. a company founded by Georgia Tech professor Dr. Deepak Divan in 2005 to develop surge protection for all types of applications. Although they make a variety of products including LED lighting fixtures, I was most interested in those that applied to our hobby of audio/video.

I was offered a plug-in unit called Plug In Protector (PIP-8) to take home and simply plug into a few outlets around my house for the purposes of recording electrical occurrences in my house. The unit keeps track of a variety of events including spikes to outages and brownouts. After about a month I returned the device for analysis. While I had it however it gave me instant feedback lights like improper grounding at any outlet via LED light readouts.

Within days I was sent a chart that shocked me outlining the behavior of the electricity in my house.

Current Spikes - 29

Voltage Spikes – 0

Over Voltages – 1

Brown Outs -2

Outages – 22

Although the PIP-8 offers each outlet protection, something more substantial was required for a whole system and Innovolt sent their new surge protection flagship in the HEM-X1000.


  • Nominal Operating Voltage: 120V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum Continuous Current: 15 Amperes
  • Interrupt Rating: 1000 Amperes per UL 1077
  • Response Time: 4 ms
  • Over Voltage Limit: 145 VAC +/- 4V
  • Under Voltage Limit: 90 volts
  • Voltage Surge per UL 1449: 2400 Joules
  • Voltage Protection Rating: L-N 500V, L-G 600V, N-G 600V
  • Unconditional Replacement Guarantee
  • MSRP: $999 USA
  • Innovolt