Velodyne MiniVee Subwoofer


On the Bench

All bench tests were performed with the MiniVee in the middle of the listening room, to avoid interaction with corners or walls. Except as noted below, measurements were taken from 1 foot at a height equal to the center of the speaker grill.

Velodyne's rated frequency response for the MiniVee is listed at 28 Hz, but I obtained 100 dB at 20 Hz with THD+N at 12.55%. Subwoofer output is generally considered clipping at 10% distortion, but the MiniVee did not sound obviously distorted or distressed at this level.

At 31.5 Hz, reaching the lower end of the MiniVee's rated frequency response, I measured 112dB before reaching 10% THD+N. Coming from a one cubic foot enclosure with an eight-inch driver, this is freakishly superb performance.

This graph shows total harmonic distortion plus noise vs. frequency, from a baseline 50Hz sine wave at 100 decibels. As shown, distortion drops below 10% at about 21 Hz, and remains below 4% throughout the entire frequency range.

Frequency response is shown at one foot (yellow), one meter (blue), and two meters (red).