NHT B-10d Subwoofer


Conclusions about The NHT B-10d Subwoofer

The NHT is an exceptionally flat subwoofer in the near-field. The closed box may help here, especially when this subwoofer's sensitivity is considered. The DSP based filters also contribute to product constancy. The performance will stay constant over time thanks to the digital limiter that prevents damage should the woofer be overdriven. The B-10d measured as flat after all my distortion tests as it did out of the box.

The in-room low-frequency limit lies below the 27Hz threshold of the lowest notes of standard instruments. In my large room setup, audible distortion occurs beyond my tolerance level. Unless one listens to 32ft pipes on organ recordings (these large-scaled pipes would not have available at Bach's time), the NHT is more than adequate for quality reproduction of the bottom realm of the music range and sound tracks on movies emanating from standard acoustic instruments. At $500, this subwoofer is a Best Buy in Consumer Reports vernacular.