JL Audio Fathom F110 Subwoofer



Simply stated, I believe every system will improve with the addition of a subwoofer or two. As I discovered, you are really depriving yourself of a lot of music, not to mention the incredible amount of sonic information a subwoofer adds to the presentation of both movies and video games. The tougher call is whether you are better off with two smaller subwoofers or one larger one. Both solutions enrich, in an unprecedented way, almost every recorded sound you reproduce through your system, but which solution works best will likely depend heavily on your listening environment. Given that the combined expense of a pair of F110s is $4200, while a single F112 is $2800, the F112 is the easy choice on value for my particular room. Of course, all this really tells me is, sigh, that what I really need is a pair of F112s.

Associated Equipment:

Avalon NP Evolution 2.0, JL Audio F112, Lyngdorf SDAI-2175, Krell S-300i, Peachtree Audio Nova, Classe CDP-10, Oppo DV-980H, XBOX 360, APC H15 Power Conditioner, Power and signal cables by Analysis Plus, Acoustic Zen, and Shunyata Research.