JL Audio Fathom F110 Subwoofer



In the F110, that driver finds its home in a heavily-braced, sealed black or black gloss cabinet with luxuriously rounded corners and sitting sturdily on four ground-grabbing rubber feet. I've never been a fan of gloss black, so when given the choice, I didn't hesitate in choosing the satin black. For an item in this price range though, it would be nice to have more cabinet finish choices. For example, I could see this subwoofer looking very cool in silver, similar to what Meridian and Wilson offer on their speakers. The included grille is easily removable and replaceable. If so inclined, you could even do this every day – my guess is that it would probably take a decent pair of pliers and plenty of rage to break off the metal pegs that attach the grille to the cabinet. The sense you get from the F110 is that it is indestructible. I preferred the look of the F110 with the grille off, so I kept it that way most of the time.

It is probably the appropriate time to reveal that I received not one, but two of these bad boys. Apparently, JL Audio is a firm believer in deploying subs in stereo and as manufacturers go, they are not alone in that view. I remember visiting Kevin Voecks' (of Revel fame) home several years ago as part of a press event and he told me I really needed to think of subwoofers in pairs. I had never owned subwoofers, never auditioned them in my home, but thought to myself, ok, that's easy enough to remember and simple enough to understand – front main left and right should each have a corresponding subwoofer.