JL Audio Fathom F110 Subwoofer


JL Audio Fathom F110 Subwoofer


It would truly surprise me if anyone reading this review had not heard of JL Audio. Notwithstanding JL Audio's stellar reputation in the car audio world, its Fathom and Gotham series of subwoofers have set the home audio/video world on fire like few products in recent memory. The F110 is both the most modest of the more modest Fathom series as well as its latest addition. As with the other models in the Fathom and Gotham series, the numerical nomenclature signifies both the quantity and size of the driver(s). Accordingly, "110" means one 10-inch driver.


  • Design: Sealed Enclosure
  • Driver: One 10"
  • Amplifier: 900 Watts RMS (Class D)
  • MFR: 25 Hz – 111 Hz, - 3 dB
  • Dimensions: 15.6" H x 19.9" W x 17.3" D
  • Weight: 67 Pounds
  • MSRP: $2100 USA (Satin Black), $2200 USA (Gloss Black)
  • JL Audio