Emotiva X-Ref 12 Subwoofer


The Emotiva X-Ref 12 Subwoofer On the Bench

Following my normal protocol, all bench tests were performed with the Emotiva sub in the middle of the room, to avoid interaction with corners and walls. Except as noted below, all measurements were taken from one foot at a height equal to the center of the speaker.

At 35 Hz, towards the low-end of the Emotiva's range, distortion was 4.9 percent.

But at 40 Hz, distortion is down to 1.9 percent.

At 31.5 Hz (half-octave), distortion is at 10 percent, indicating that the X-Ref 12 has reached the limits of its useable low frequency output.

Likewise, THD+N vs. frequency shows the sub reaching 10% distortion at 26 Hz.

With the EQ Flat mode on, pink noise shows the X-Ref 12 rolls of sharply below 30 Hz at the low end, and begins rolling off at 100 Hz at the high end of its response curve. Because of the Emotiva's upper-end roll-off, I would not match it with small satellite speakers that require a high cross-over setting.

With the Movie EQ mode engaged, you can see the boost between 55 Hz and 70 Hz.

In-room response graphs likewise show the sub rolling off below 30 Hz.