Emotiva X-Ref 12 Subwoofer


The Emotiva X-Ref 12 Subwoofer In Use

I don't think it would be much use to try to describe the plot of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The movie lost any sense of believability with the opening shot of Shia LaBeouf waking up next to a beautiful supermodel. But it did earn SECRETS' 2011 Bad Ass Movie Audio award, earned in large part by the carnage inflicted on downtown Chicago. Here, the X-Ref 12 produced taut, clean bass without boominess or bloat. The Emotiva didn't create subterranean rumbling or wall-shaking bass, but you shouldn't expect that from a small, sealed-box design.

What you should expect is crisp, accurate response with music, and that was my experience with the X-Ref 12. Steely Dan's Two Against Nature isn't on my list of top five Steely Dan albums, but the incredible sound quality keeps me coming back to it. Jack of Speed is anchored by that trademark syncopated backbeat familiar to so many Dan songs, with the bass guitar staying deep in the pocket. The Emotiva brought a nice, authoritative snap to the beater on the kick drum, and accurately recreated the bass tones on the track.

During my time with the X-Ref 12, my overall sense was that the sub did a really good job with music reproduction, and as a home theater sub was well-suited for moderately sized rooms where low frequency extension is not the top priority.