Earthquake CP-8 Subwoofer



Mr. Sahyoun explained that the CP-8 was designed to have a placement in close proximity to the listener which delivered a few key audible advantages. First, the bass response time would be better realized as compared to the typical sub placement, say in the front of the room by the mains or in the front corner away from your main seating position. Next, the volume of the sub could be turned down more if it were located closer to you. A closer proximity also lessens the chance of sitting in a null at the primary seating position. But the real benefit was the seismic sensation you experienced as you felt the effects of the sub being just a few feet away.

The CP-8 has a 150 watt digital amplifier on board and a long throw 8" driver in a ported enclosure. The driver was remarkably well built and appeared to be in the same general design of the Super Nova. Underneath, there were hi level inputs as well as R/L line level inputs. Volume and phase adjustment were present as well.