Velodyne Optimum-12 Subwoofer



In general, my theater space comprises three parts. The main part is roughly 25' x 25' Almost a perfect square. The other two parts are two contiguous rooms that are connected to the main space by way of large openings. The acoustics of the space are generally very good, but the room does incorporate a large volume of air, presenting a potential source of strain on a subwoofer. To be honest, I was concerned that the Optimum-12 would have difficulty achieving reference levels in this space. Now that I have been able to spend some quality time with this sub, I am pleased to report that it handled just about everything I threw at it without obvious signs of strain. As long as the sub level was set to properly integrate with the rest of the program material, the sub went about its business without complaint unless I was attempting to play rock music at insane live concert levels. Not that I've ever been known to attempt a stunt like that!

The street price for the Optimum-12 will probably be around $1,500. At this price point, I would say it is a good value and worthy of consideration if you have a subwoofer budget of up to $2,500. I, for one, could happily live with an Optimum-12, even in my large theater.