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Home Theater WallWizard XM37 Flat Panel HDTV Wall Mounting Bracket



The XM37 is engineered superbly, let me start by saying! I’ve never seen a mount that is actually attractive in looks and operation. Attention to detail like the main center swivel mechanism is machined and shiny, yet nobody will ever see it!

Barely 2” deep, it sits quite flush and tight to the wall yet the operation is smooth and effortless. The XM37 mounts to a single stud and pivots off the wall a full 90 degrees, swivels a full 180 degrees and tilts as much as 15 degrees down and 3 degrees up.

It offers a terrific telescoping arm that allows it to be extended in case that support stud isn’t quite where you want it and also handles wire management concealing ugly cables.