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Home Theater WallWizard XM37 Flat Panel HDTV Wall Mounting Bracket



One of the things I like about CEDIA is discovering something that I hadn’t expected to impress me. Oh sure the dazzling larger than life flat panels, or bright projectors are always omnipresent. The beautiful glossy speakers and sometimes those overstuffed theater chairs are a welcomed relief. But this year walking by the WallWizard booth it was the motorized wall mounts caught my attention. When I was introduced to them I was shown some innovative ideas that seemed to solve issues we’ve all thought about but never seen addressed.

Really you say, a TV wall mount impressed you!? Well yes it did. Some of the mounts are designed for the installer, ease of lifting the TV, accessing the rear while the TV is in place for the cables, and on and on. Then I was shown the motorized mounts, cool! The feature that impressed me most was on their TA55, a 1” low-profile motorized tilting mount that keeps the TV as tight to the wall as possible. WallWizard supplies a toslink optical cable which when triggered would tilt the TV down to just the right angle for viewing and back to the home position when the TV is powered off. I see it all too often, the flat panel mounted above the fireplace that strains your neck to look up. Well WallWizard solves the problem and keeps the decorator happy.

The company is relatively new (begun in 2005) and some of these mounts were just prototypes although now I understand like the TA55, are available. One that was available was sent to me, the XM37 at about $140 retail. It can support a panel up to 37 inches and about 50 pounds. For larger panels, the XM60 will support 120 pounds. It tilts, swivels, turns, splices and dices!


  • Design: Wall Mount for Most: 26”- 37” Flat Panel HDTVs
  • Weight Capacity: 50 Pounds
  • Swivel: 90° Left or Right
  • Tilt: +3°/-15°
  • Extension: 18”
  • Profile: 2.0”
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • MSRP $139.99 USA
  • WallWizard