Sony HT-ST7 Sound Bar


The Sony HT-ST7 Sound Bar On The Bench

The Sony HT-ST7 bar crosses over to the subwoofer at 180Hz. I tested it measuring the response without the subwoofer and then with the subwoofer to see how it performs.

Playing audio back at 80dB (blue), 85dB (red) and 90dB (green) we see a lack of compression showing that the Sony is keeping up with these higher sound levels. There is a quick fall-off below 200 Hz, and the rise at 110-120Hz is almost certainly due to a room resonance.

Adding in the subwoofer (purple) and testing at 85dB we see the frequency response remain the same down to 180Hz, at which point the subwoofer extends the low frequency response down to 40 Hz or so. It won't plumb the depths but it will provide reasonably deep response.

Testing with (purple) and without (red) the grill, it made virtually no difference to the measurements. You can pick based on aesthetics, or trying to keep your kids from damaging the speakers like I did.

Finally we see a comparison of the different sound modes through the HT-ST7: music (purple), movie (green), football (light blue) and standard (blue). The biggest difference is with movie having a large dip between 2 kHz and 4 kHz. This falls right in the human vocal range which is why I needed that bump up on the Voice setting. The other main difference is a big rise past 8 kHz for the music mode. Standard mode is the flattest of the choices, as I'd expect, and is what will provide the most neutral playback. The hump on music below 180 Hz is almost certainly a room issue as testing was done without the subwoofer engaged.