Atlantic Technology PB-235 Powered Soundbar


Conclusions about the Atlantic Technology PB-235 Powered Soundbar

The Atlantic Technology PB-235 Sound Bar is a very impressive unit. For a single audio device that combines the functions of an audio receiver, subwoofer, and 5-channel speaker system, I was very impressed at the overall performance. The room in which I tested the sound bar normally has a full 5.1 channel surround setup, powered by a 135W/channel receiver and a dedicated powered sub, so while I cannot say that I would replace that configuration with the PB-235, I can say that during my testing I was very happy to sit and enjoy whatever it was I was watching or listening to. I was not saying to myself "Boy, I can't wait until I am done with this review so I can get back to my real system". Rather, I took the time to enjoy the PB-235 and the sound it provided. The unit lives up to its claim of not requiring a subwoofer, so it truly is the perfect offering for a room where multiple speakers and a subwoofer simply isn't feasible. I'd actually go so far as to say that even for rooms where that type of configuration is an option, I would choose this unit over a cheap 5.1 system lacking in audio quality. I imagine I will be spoiled if I do get the chance to review another sound bar, because this entry will be hard to live up to.