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Report 3 Sumit Chawla

The Sony KDL-52XBR7 will feature a 240Hz LCD panel. Shown here on the wall is a comparison of 60/120/240 Hz LCD panels.

Logitech's diNovo Mini seems like a great HTPC companion. It has a built-in touchpad and the keys are backlight. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery is built into the keyboard. The keyboard lists for $150.

Microsoft Media Center has an addon called WebGuide which allows control of the program guide and access to content over the web. It is provided as a free download.

Revel has added a number of on-wall loudspeakers to their Concerta line.

Meridian showed their 4k projector, the model 810, which uses JVC's LCOS panels. Marvell has provided the scaling/de-interlacing solution. 1080i and 1080p content was used for this impressive demo. A number of lens options are available. The projector is priced at $185k. The 810 demo also showcased the new DSP7200 and DSP8000 with the SpeakerLink feature.